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Biologist Visits Marine Laboratories

Charleston Evening Post, April 29, 1961

Dr. B.H. KetchumA senior staff scientist from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Massachusetts is visiting two local marine biology laboratories.

Dr. B. H. Ketchum, senior oceanographer at the Cape Cod facility is inspecting the College of Charleston’s Marine Laboratory at Fort Johnson and Bear’s Bluff Laboratories. Dr. Ketchum is investigating the possibilities of research in this area.

Here at the invitation of Dr. G. E. Grice, president of the College of Charleston, Dr. Ketchum said this morning that this area has “unique possibilities” that will help in the national need for the study of marine biology.

“Every one of the environments along our shores is unique and interesting,” Dr. Ketchum said, “and one needs to study as many environments as possible to get a full understanding.”

He said that the local sandy bottoms, mud flats and salt marshes offer environments with different organisms than those found at other parts of the coast.

“The college has a nice setup at Fort Johnson.” the scientist said. “One that could handle at least five investigators.”

He said the local laboratories could continue to gain in importance because they are the only marine biology facilities “along a considerable stretch of the Atlantic coast.”

Dr. Ketchum met with the college biology staff and Dr. Robert Lunz, director of Bears Bluff, last night to discuss the various problems in marine biology that exist in this area. He visited the Bears Bluff facilities this morning.

He will leave Charleston today to return to Woods Hole. The Woods Hole laboratories have a staff of 350 scientists and technicians and four ocean-going ships to aid in their marine investigations.