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Oceanographer Checks College Lab

Dr. B. H. Ketchum, (right) senior oceanographer at the Woods Hole, Mass. Institute, talks over possibilities of the College of Charleston’s marine biology laboratory at Fort Johnson with Dr. George D. Grice, president of the college.

News and Courier, April 29, 1961

Drs. Grice and Ketchum

Dr. Ketchum, also lecturer in biology at Harvard University, said the two-day inspection of the facility here was to “just see what the possibilities of research in this area are.” Dr. Ketchum said the college laboratory could continue gaining importance—“greatly because it is the only such laboratory along a considerable stretch of the Atlantic Coast.” Dr. Ketchum, Dr. Grice and Dr. Joseph R. Merkel, director of the Fort Johnson lab, met with Dr. G. Robert Lunz, director of the Division of Commercial Fisheries and operator of Bear’s Bluff Laboratory last night to discuss oceanographic research possibilities in the area.