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Fall 2004 Seminars




Seminar Title

Committee Contact

Sep 3 Stephen J. Klaine
Department of Biological Sciences
Graduate Program in Environmental Toxicology
Clemson University
Changing Land Use and the Environment: Ecosystem Research in a Rapidly Urbanizing Watershed Jill Stewart (CCEHBR)
Sep 10 No seminar GPMB Faculty Meeting  
Sep 17 Mike Arendt
Marine Resources Research Institute
Research in Acoustic Telemetry: Highlights from the International and Australian Acoustic Telemetry Workshop Chris Bradshaw (CofC)
Sep 24 Allan Strand
Grice Marine Laboratory
College of Charleston
Ecological Inferences From Genetics and Genetic Inferences From Ecology: The Role of Parametric Simulations.
Subtitle: It's not just plants, there are turtles too!
Lou Burnett (CofC)
Oct 1 Patrick Jodice
South Carolina Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Clemson University
Nutritional Ecology and Reproductive Energetics of Piscivorous Seabirds: Lipids, Junk-food, and Nutritional Stress Steven Christopher (NIST)
Oct 8 John Incardona
Ecotoxicology and Fish Health Program
Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA
Zebrafish as a Model for Fish Health: Revisiting Mechanisms of Petroleum Toxicity During Fish Development Dan Newton (MUSC)
Oct 15 George Sedberry
Marine Resources Research Institute
South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources
An Ichthyological Expedition on the Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil Pat Harris (SCDNR)
Oct 22 Jack Manock
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
UNC Wilmington
Use of Enzymatic Response as a Potential Biomarker for Pesticide Exposure Jill Stewart
Oct 29 Heather Koopman
Dept. of Biological Sciences 
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Specialized Lipids in Odontocetes: Unique Molecules for Body Structure and Sound Reception in the Marine Environment Steven Christopher (NIST)
Nov 5 John Shockcor
Bruker Instruments, Inc.
Metabonomics Using an LC/MS- and NMR-Based Approach Jill Stewart (CCEHBR)
Nov 12 Ray Henry
Department of Biological Sciences
Auburn University
Neuroendocrine Regulation of Salinity-mediated Carbonic Anhydrase Expression in the Gills of the Euryhaline Green Crab, Carcinus maenas Lou Burnett (CofC)
Nov 19 Pete Van Veld
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Toxicity Resistance - Adaptations to Chemical Exposure Lou Burnett (CofC)
Nov 26 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break  
Dec 3 Joseph Suflita
Institute for Energy and the Environment
University of Oklahoma
Anaerobic Hydrocarbon Metabolism, Bioremediation and Future Energy Supplies Dan Newton (MUSC)