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Fall 2005 Seminars




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Sep 2
Dale Calder
Senior Curator
Royal Ontario Museum
Ontario, Canada
Float Like a Butterfly - Jellyfishes of the Southeastern United States Rachael King (SCDNR)
Seminars from this point on will be in the CCEHBR Auditorium until further notice while the MRRI Auditorium is being renovated.
Sep 9
David Point
Biogeochemical Barriers and Their Impact on Speciation and Reactivity of Trace Metals in Coastal Environments Steven Christopher (NIST)
Sep 16 Travis Glenn
University of Georgia
Savannah River Ecology Lab
New Animal Models to Study Bioavailable Metals and Mutation Rates Steven Christopher (NIST)
Sep 23 Brett Macey
Grice Marine Laboratory & Hollings Marine Laboratory
College of Charleston
Improved Growth Rate and Disease Resistance in Farmed Abalone Haliotis midae through Probiotic Treatment Lou Burnett (CofC)
Sep 30 No Seminar GPMB Faculty Meeting  
Oct 7 Enrique de la Vega
Department of Zoology and Entomology
University of Queensland
Stress, Immune Response and Disease in Shrimp: Connecting the Dots with a Molecular Approach Steven Christopher (NIST)
Oct 14 Jose V. Lopez
Division of Biomedical Marine Research
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
Secondary Metabolic Pathways from the Marine Realm: Mining a Unique Treasure Chest of Biodiversity Dan Newton (MUSC)
Oct 21 Scott Meister
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
The Invasion of Red Lionfish, Pterois volitans, to Marine Ecosystems Off the Southeastern United States: Past, Present, and Future Rachael King (SCDNR)
Oct 28 John Marino
NIST, Center for 
Advanced Research in Biotechnology

Probing Heterotrimeric G-protein Signaling using High-resolution NMR

Jill Stewart
Nov 4 John Ferry
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of South Carolina
The Role of Fe (III), Phosphate, Dissolved Organic Matter, and Nitrate During the Photodegradation of Domoic Acid in the Marine Environment Steven Christopher (NIST)
Nov 11 No Seminar Veteran's Day  
Renovation of the MRRI Auditorium is complete!  All seminars below will be in the MRRI Auditorium unless otherwise noted.
Nov 18 Donald L. Lovett
Dept. of Biology
The College of New Jersey
Osmoregulation in Estuarine Crabs: Using Cell and Molecular Biology, but Remembering the Whole Organism Lou Burnett (CofC)
Nov 25 No Seminar Thanksgiving Holiday  
Dec 2 Erik Sotka
Grice Marine Laboratory
College of Charleston
Larval Dispersal and Local Adaptation of Nearshore Marine Invertebrates Lou Burnett (CofC)