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Fall 2006 Seminars




Seminar Title

Committee Contact

Sep 1 Chris Buzzelli
College of Charleston
Hollings Marine Laboratory
Forecasting the Potential Ecological Impacts of Rising Water Levels in North Carolina Estuaries John Dwyer (SC Sea Grant)
Sep 8 J. Vaun McArthur
University of Georgia
Smoking Guns and Heavy Metal Bullets: The Indirect Effect of Industrial Contamination on Microbial Antibiotic Resistance Dan Newton (MUSC)
Sep 15 Mark Woodrey
Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Sam Walker
University of South Carolina
After the Storm: Examining Post-Catastrophe Impacts to Mississippi Estuaries Bethney Ward (CSC)
Sep 22 Patrick Jodice
South Carolina Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Assessing Limiting Factors of Seabirds and Shorebirds in South Carolina: Using Physiological and Behavioral Ecology to Investigate Population Trends Rachael King (SCDNR)
Sep 29 No Seminar GPMB Faculty Meeting
Oct 6 Brian Helmuth
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Univ. of South Carolina
Forecasting the Responses of Intertidal 
Ecosystems to Climate Change
Rachael King (SCDNR)
Oct 13 Scott Eckert
Duke University Marine Laboratory
Global Wanderings of a Most Incredible Reptile, 25 Years of Leatherback Turtle Research and Conservation Lou Burnett (CofC)
Oct 20 Tom Shafer
Dept. of Biology & Marine Biology
UNC Wilmington
Secrets of the Blue Crab Exoskeleton: Investigating the Control of Cuticle Mineralization Using a Transcriptome Approach Lou Burnett (CofC)
Oct 27 Lisa Clough
Dept. of Biology
East Carolina University
On Thin Ice? Digestibility of Ice Algae and Phytoplankton by Arctic Benthos Rachael King (SCDNR)
Nov 3 No Seminar MUSC Student Research Day
Nov 10 No Seminar Veteran’s Day
Nov 17 Fran Van Dolah
Curiouser and Curiouser - Novel Mechanisms of Gene Regulation in a Histoneless Eukaroyte, the DinoflagellateKarenia brevis, Discovered through Functional Genomics Dan Newton (MUSC)
Nov 24 No Seminar Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 1 Lawrence Pomeroy
Institute of Ecology
University of Georgia
Ecological Theory and Practice in Chesapeake Bay Jill Stewart (CCEHBR)