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Fall 2008 Seminars




Seminar Title

Committee Contact

Aug 29 Denise Sanger
SC Sea Grant Consortium
The Tidal Creeks Project: A Retrospective of the Questions Asked Along the Way John Dwyer, SC Sea Grant (John Dwyer)
Sep 12 Jessica Reiner
Polycyclic Musks: Sources, Pathways, and Environmental Distribution Jenn Keller, NIST (Jenn Keller)
Sep 19 George D. Grice, Jr. Lecture
Chuck Derby
Georgia State University
Chemical Communication in Affiliation, Aggression, and Mating of Decapod Crustaceans Lou Burnett, CofC (Bob Podolsky)
Sep 26 No Seminar Fall Faculty Meeting
Oct 3 Thomas Mock
University of East Anglia (UK)
Functional Genomics with Diatoms: New Insights into Key Organisms of the Ocean Mike Janech, MUSC (Mike Janech)
Oct 10 Valerie Paul 
Smithsonian Marine Station
Fort Pierce, Florida
Algal Natural Products Mediate Multiple Ecological Interactions on Coral Reefs Jackie Wilkie, CofC (Jonathan Craft)
Oct 17 Karen Burnett
Grice Marine Laboratory
Disease Resistance in Marine Organisms:  Strategies and Consequences Lou Burnett, CofC (Lou Burnett)
Oct 24 Dan Abel 
Coastal Carolina University
Sharks in SC Estuaries: Habitat Utilization, Nursery Grounds, Effects of Humans, and (believe it or not) the Effectiveness of Magnets as Repellents Jackie Wilkie, CofC (Jackie Wilkie)
Oct 31 Chris Buzzelli
College of Charleston
Is Eutrophication a Possibility for South Carolina Estuaries? Lou Burnett, CofC (Lou Burnett)
Nov 7 No Seminar
Nov 14 Scott Neubauer
University of South Carolina
Baruch Field Laboratory
Climate Change Effects on Tidal Freshwater Marshes Rachael King, SC DNR (Rachael King)
Nov 21 Jaclyn Daly
National Marine Fisheries Service
Marine Mammals and Noise: Science and Management Hurdles and Applications Jennifer Keller, NIST (Stacy Vander Pol)
Nov 28 No Seminar Thanksgiving Holiday  
Dec 5 No Seminar