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Fall 2009 Seminars




Seminar Title

Committee Contact (Host)

Aug 28 Steve Arnott
Marine Resources Research Institute
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
Genetic Adaptations to Climate Variation in Fish Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith)
Sept 4 Louise McKenzie
Ecology & Evolution Research Centre
Univ. of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia
Invasive Species Plus Pollution: Recipe for a Super Invasive? Lou Burnett, CofC (E. Sotka)
Sept 11 Jessica Whitehead
Regional Climate Extension Specialist
SC Sea Grant Consortium
Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change John Dwyer, SC Sea Grant (J. Dwyer)
Sept 18 Gorka Sancho
Grice Marine Lab
College of Charleston
Aggregation Processes of Pelagic Fishes Around Drifting Floating Objects in the Equatorial Indian Ocean Lou Burnett, CofC (L. Burnett)
Sept 25 Scott France
University of Louisiana - Lafayette 
Student Research Colloquium:
In the Abyss: Studying the Evolution of Deep-sea Corals
Colloquium Committee
Oct 2 John Zardus
Dept. of Biology 
The Citadel
Barnacles Commensal with Rare Hosts: Are they Putting all their Eggs in One Basket? Spencer Fire, CCEHBR (S. Fire)
Oct 9 Alexander Yankovsky
Dept. of Earth & Ocean Sciences 
University of South Carolina
Long-wave Response of the Coastal Ocean to Hurricane Landfall Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith)
Oct 16 Dennis Allen
University of South Carolina
Baruch Marine Field Laboratory
Nekton, Zooplankton, and Climate Change: Resilience vs. Responses in a Salt Marsh Estuary Lou Burnett, CofC (L. Burnett)
Oct 23 Julie Neer 
South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
The Science Process Behind the Management: The SouthEast Data Assessment and Review (SEDAR) Process in the Southeast Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith)
Oct 30 Jim Sanders
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Linking Arsenic Biogeochemistry, Phosphorus Limitation, and Phytoplankton Dynamics in Oceanic Surface Waters Jenn Keller, NIST (J. Keller)
Nov 6 Josh Eagle
Univ. of South Carolina
School of Law
Ocean Zoning: Theory, History, Status, and Prospects Peter Kingsley-Smith SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith)
Nov 13 Sally Woodin
University of South Carolina
Dept. of Biology
Infaunal Hydraulic Ecosystem Engineers: The Cast of Characters, Biogeography and Possible Impacts Lou Burnett, CofC (L. Burnett)
Nov 20 Braxton Davis 
SCDHEC - Office of Ocean & Coastal Resource Management
Adapting to Shoreline Change in South Carolina Peter Kingsley-Smith SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith)
Dec 4 Dan Liebert
PCB Transport Through the Chesapeake Bay: Results and Implications of Maryland Fish Tissue Monitoring, 1999-2004 Jenn Keller, NIST (J. Keller)