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Fall 2012 Seminars




Seminar Title

Committee Contact (Host)

Aug 31 A. Randall Hughes
Florida State University 
Coastal and Marine Laboratory
Effects of Marine Plant Diversity on Community and Ecosystem Processes Jack DiTullio, CofC (E. Sotka)
Sept 7 Michael Arendt
In-Water Monitoring Suggests an Upbeat Decade for Sea Turtles in the Southeast United States Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith)
Sept 14 Kate McFadden
Clemson University
The Role of Green Sea Turtle Foraging Habits in Structuring Marine Communities Stacy Vander Pol, NIST (S. Vander Pol)
Sept 21 Lori Schwacke
Integrating Multiple Sampling Methods for Marine Mammal Population Risk Assessments Jack DiTullio, CofC (J. DiTullio)
Sept 28 Thomas Near
Yale University 
Student Research Colloquium Colloquium Committee
Oct 5 Jim Gelsleichter
University of North Florida
Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Deepwater, Epipelagic, and Coastal Fish Populations from the Northeast Gulf of Mexico Bryan Frazier, PKS
Oct 12 No Seminar GPMB Fall Faculty Meeting  
Oct 19 Jay Pinckney 
University of South Carolina
Three Case Studies of Long-Term Changes in Phytoplankton Functional Diversity Jack DiTullio, CofC (J. DiTullio)
Oct 26 John Brock
Warren Wilson College
Climate Change and Hyperthermia-Related Emergency Room Visits in the U.S. Jessica McCoy, MUSC (J. McCoy)
Nov 2   No Seminar  
Nov 9 Peter Sedwick
Old Dominion University
Human Impact on the Atmospheric Input of Iron to the Surface Ocean Jack DiTullio, CofC (J. DiTullio)
Nov 16 Lori Cruze 
Medical Univ. of South Carolina
The Evolution of Endocrine Extraembryonic Membranes Jessica McCoy, MUSC (J. McCoy)
Nov 23 No Seminar Thanksgiving Holiday  
Nov 30 Adrian Marchetti 
UNC - Chapel Hill
Surviving in Iron-Deprived Oceans: Molecular Insights into Diatoms Jack DiTullio, CofC (J. DiTullio)
Dec 7 Kristine Cherry 
Governors' South Atlantic Alliance
Building a Regional Ocean Partnership for the South Atlantic Susannah Sheldon, SC Sea Grant (S. Sheldon)