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Spring 2007 Seminars




Seminar Title

Committee Contact

Jan 12 Adriana Bejarano
NOAA/NOS Center for Marine Animal Health
Evaluating the Effects of the Biotoxin Domoic Acid in California Sea Lions Via Computer Modeling Jill Stewart (CCEHBR)
Jan 19 Mike Twiner
Marine Biotoxins Program, CCEHBR, NOAA
Toxicology Studies of Azaspiracid, an Emerging Algal Toxin that Accumulates in Shellfish Jill Stewart (CCEHBR)
Jan 26 Cynthia Kicklighter
Dept. of Biology
Goucher College
Chemical Defenses of Sea Hares: Novel and Adaptive Strategies for Escape and Defense Via Inking Lou Burnett (CofC)
Feb 2 Laurie Locascio
Understanding Cellular Behavior Using Microfluidics Steven Christopher (NIST)
Feb 9 Forest Rohwer
San Diego State University
Microbes and the Decline of Coral Reefs Dan Newston (MUSC)
Feb 16 Adam Marsh
College of Marine & Earth Studies
Univ. of Delaware
Information Emergence and Environmental Adaptation in Living Systems Lou Burnett (CofC)
Feb 23 Peter Wainwright
Section of Evolution & Ecology
University of California, Davis
Innovation and Diversity in Coral Reef Fishes Colloquium Committee
Mar 2 Charlie Cunningham
Univ. of New Mexico
(Hollings Visiting Scholar)
The Eastern and Pacific Oysters - from Transcript to Transcriptome Lou Burnett (CofC)
Mar 9 No Seminar CofC Spring Break
Mar 16 Niels Lindquist
Insitute of Marine Science
UNC Chapel Hill
Ecological Impacts of Sponge Metabolism on Benthic Marine Communities Lou Burnett (CofC)
Mar 23 Rob Mason
Dept. of Marine Sciences
University of Connecticut
Methylmercury Production in the Coastal Zone: An Important Soruce of Methylmercury to Marine Fish? Steven Christopher (NIST)
Mar 30 Stephen J. Klaine
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Graduate Program in Environmental Toxicology
Clemson University
Aquatic Toxicology of Carbon-based Nanoparticles Dan Newton (MUSC)
Apr 6 Peter deFur, VCU
Dan Conover, Post and Courier
Bud Ward, NOAA
Communicating Science: A Panel Discussion Lou Burnett (CofC)
Apr 13 Karen Nelson
Howard University
Microbial Genomics: From Single Species to Whole Environment Dan Newton (MUSC)
Apr 20 Jack DiTullio
Grice Marine Laboratory
College of Charleston
The Southern Ocean and Climate Change Lou Burnett (CofC)