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Spring 2009 Seminars




Seminar Title

Committee Contact (Host)

Jan 16 Peter Kingsley-Smith
Marine Resources Research Institute
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
International Adventures in Molluscan Ecology: An Alien Studying Aliens Mike Twiner, CCEHBR (Mike Twiner)
Jan 23 John Baatz
Marine Biomedical & Environmental Sciences Center
Dept. of Pediatrics
Pathological and Molecular Effects of Inhaled Brevetoxin Mike Janech, MUSC (Mike Janech)
Jan 30 Lee Ferguson
University of South Carolina
Nanomaterial Environmental Fate, Transport, and Toxicity Mike Twiner, CCEHBR (Mike Twiner)
Feb 6 Stephen Palumbi
Hopkins Marine Station
Stanford University
Local Adaptation in Marine Species: The Balance of Selection and Dispersal and Implications for the Impact of Global Climate Change Colloquium Committee
Feb 13 Eric Zolman
Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Field Studies Near Charleston, South Carolina (1994-2008) Mike Twiner, CCEHBR (Mike Twiner)
Feb 20 Richard Dame
Coastal Carolina University (retired)
Shifting Through Time: Oysters and Shell Rings in Past and Present South Carolina Estuaries Lou Burnett, CofC (Fred Holland)
Feb 27 Scott Harris
Dept. of Geology & Environmental Geosciences
College of Charleston
Seafloor Mapping and Detailed Bottom Characterization Off South Carolina in 15 to 200 m Lou Burnett, CofC (Lou Burnett)
Mar 6 No Seminar CofC Spring Break  
Mar 13 Dianne Greenfield
Belle Baruch Institute
University of South Carolina
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
Integrating Field, Laboratory, and In Situ Approaches for Phytoplankton Oceanography Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith)
Mar 20 Kay Bidle
Rutgers University
A Matter of Life or Death? Cellular Mechanisms Regulating Phytoplankton Mortality in the Oceans Mike Janech, MUSC (Mike Janech)
Mar 27 Peter Moeller
Hollings Marine Laboratory
Breaking the Barrier: Discovery of Antibiotic Resistance Factors and Novel Ocean Drugs Lou Burnett, CofC (Lou Burnett)
Apr 3 Jay Brandes
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Looking at the Ocean through Superman's Eyes: Using X-ray Spectromicroscopy in Marine Science Jenn Keller, NIST (Jenn Keller)
Apr 10 Alex Chow
Clemson University
Litter Contributions to Dissolved Organic Matter and Disinfection Byproduct Precursors in California Oak Woodland Watersheds Jenn Keller, NIST (Jenn Keller)
Apr 17 Aaron Peck 
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Fate and Effects of Antibacterial Chemicals in Coastal Ecosystems Jenn Keller, NIST (Jenn Keller)
Apr 24 Chuck Hopkinson
Georgia Sea Grant
Sea Level Rise and Geomorphic Succession in Salt Marshes Bethney Ward, CSC (Bethney Ward)