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Sea-level Oscillations Drive Diversification of Estuarine and Freshwater Fishes and Their Parasites

Walter Boeger, Universidade Federal do Paraná

13 October 2017

Sea-level changes during glaciation periods act as a driver of genetic and species diversification. In this seminar, Dr. Boeger will present the result of three projects along the coast of Brazil that explore how fluctuations of sea-level promote diversification of freshwater and estuarine fishes and their parasites by promoting cycles of change of opportunity to mix and diversify.  This process is known as Taxon Pulse and may, in fact, be a fundamental process driving diversification on an unstable planet.  Dr. Boeger will discuss the universality of this process that considers both the capacity and the opportunity of evolutionary lineages to diversify, often as a response to perturbations that are considered disastrous to biological systems.