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From Seeds to Shoreline: Student-Driven Salt Marsh Restoration

E.V. Bell, South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium

3 November 2017

The From Seeds to Shoreline (S2S) program is South Carolina's only salt marsh restoration program for K-12 students and teachers. The S2S program launched in 2011 and is coordinated by the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium in partnership with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service. Participating students and teachers engage in cultivating Spartina alterniflora at their schools and end the school year by transplanting young seedlings to areas along the South Carolina coastline. By hands-on engagement, students not only learn about scientific data collection techniques, salt marsh ecology, and careers, but they also understand the critical importance of this ecosystem to their surrounding community. The program has grown programmatically and geographically: new resources have been developed such as the Spartina poster and Guide to Salt Marshes and Tidal Creeks of the Southeastern United States and the program recently expanded in to North Carolina and Georgia. Future plans for the program include incorporating a hydroponic approach for Spartina alterniflora cultivation and teacher research opportunities with local scientists.