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Sea Turtle Medicine South Carolina Style

Shane Boylan, DVM, South Carolina Aquarium

7 September 2018

It's been 10+ years of SCDNR and SC Aquarium (with Dr. Boylan as the staff veterinarian) working together to improve our local sea turtles and advance sea turtle medicine in general.  We will explore a little of our collective history from bathtub rehab to advanced computed tomography diagnostics and stem cell therapy.  We will discuss our cases as they can tell us vignettes about the secret life of sea turtles in the wild, and then we will walk you through the difficulties of diagnosis and treatment.  If you've ever been to the doctor and never gotten a satisfactory answer to your medical issue, this talk may give you a hint of how hard it is to find out what's wrong and what you can do about it, if anything.  We'll discuss topics like debilitated turtle syndrome, cataracts, and all the anthropogenic causes of strandings: boat strike, crab pot entanglement, monofilament ingestion, fishing hooks, and blows to the head.