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Fort Johnson Marine Science Seminar Series

Place: MRRI Auditorium at Fort Johnson

Time: 4 p.m. on Friday afternoons, unless otherwise posted
Refreshments: before each seminar and at a reception with the seminar speaker, which occurs at the MUSC White House or the SCDNR Outdoor Classroom after the seminar

Archives of Fort Johnson Seminars

Fall 2015 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Seminar Title Committee Contact (Host)
Aug 28 Fran Van Dolah
The Skin Transcriptome of Bottlenose Dolphins, Tursiops truncatus: Exploring a tool for monitoring health and environmental exposure Ben Parrott, MUSC (B. Parrott)
Sep 4 Matt Bertin
NOAA/Biosortia Pharmaceuticals/Scripps Inst. of Oceanography
Integrating 'Top-Down' and 'Bottom-Up' Approaches in the Pursuit of Novel Microbial Natural Products Paul Pennington, NOAA (P. Moeller)
Sep 11 Dianne Greenfield
University of South Carolina &
SC Department of Natural Resources
Integrating Novel Molecular Approaches for Evaluating Plankton Assemblages in Coastal SC Susannah Sheldon, S.C. Sea Grant (R. DeVoe)
Sep 18 No Seminar  
Sep 25 Taisen Iguchi
NIBB (Japan)
Environmental Sex Determination/Differentiation Mechanism in the Water Flea Ben Parrott, MUSC (B. Parrott)
Oct 2 Daniel Huber
University of Tampa
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics of Cartilaginous Fishes
GPMB Colloquium Committee (T. Smart)
Oct 9 Jim Morris
University of South Carolina
Marsh Equilibrium Theory and What it Says about Tipping Points and Resilience Lou Burnett, CofC (L. Burnett)
Oct 16 No Seminar CofC Fall Break
Oct 23
Oct 30 Demetri Spyropolous
Oil Spills, Sentinels and Human Health: A Methodical Approach to Navigating Complex Environments Ben Parrott, MUSC (B. Parrott)
Nov 6 No Seminar GPMB Fall Faculty Meeting
Nov 13 Carolyn Tepolt
Smithsonian Research Institute
Adaptation of Green Crabs to Temperature Using Physiology and Transcriptomics Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (A. Fowler)
Nov 20 Peter Moeller
New Technology Introduces Emerging Toxins to Commerce Rusty Day, NIST (R. Day)
Nov 27 No Seminar Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 4 Ashley Boggs
Thyroid and Steroid Hormones, Endocrine Disruption Rusty Day, NIST (R. Day)

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