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Fort Johnson Marine Science Seminar Series

Place: MRRI Auditorium at Fort Johnson

Time: 4 p.m. on Friday afternoons, unless otherwise posted
Refreshments: before each seminar and at a reception with the seminar speaker, which occurs at the MUSC White House or the SCDNR Outdoor Classroom after the seminar

Archives of Fort Johnson Seminars

Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Seminar Title Committee Contact (Host)
Jan 16 Rick DeVoe
S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
 New and Emerging Resiliency Initiatives of the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium Susannah Sheldon, SC Sea Grant (TBD)
Jan 23 Paul Nolan
The Citadel
Putting Darwin on the Ice: Basic Research Serving the Conservation of Antarctic Penguins Susannah Sheldon, SC Sea Grant (D. Owens)
Jan 30 David Owens
College of Charleston
Dave's Biggest Turtle "Tails"; Hits from 1969-2014 Rusty Day, NIST (R. Day)
Feb 6 John Weinstein
The Citadel
Microplastic Debris in Charleston Harbor: A Global Problem in Our Backyard Paul Pennington, NOAA (P. Pennington)
Feb 13 Leslie Sautter
College of Charleston
Exploration of Seafloor Habitats and Geomorphology: The CofC BEAMS Program Hannah Bouchillon, CofC/GPMB (H. Bouchillon)
Feb 20 Kevin Armbrust
Louisiana State University
New Processes to Evaluate the Fate of Contaminants in Marine Ecosystems Paul Pennington, NOAA (M. Fulton)
Feb 27 Mwita Mangora
Institute of Marine Sciences, 
University of Dar es Salaam,
Zanzibar, Tanzania
East Africa Region Mangrove Carbon Project: Informing Policy and Management through Scientific Research Paul Pennington, NOAA (P. Pennington)
Mar 6 No Seminar CofC Spring Break
Mar 13 Jill Johnson 
College of Charleston
Breathing More "Deeply": Discovering New Crustacean Hemocyanins and their Expression in Low O2/High CO2 Using RNA-Seq Lou Burnett, CofC (K. Burnett)
Mar 20 Jenn Bennett-Mintz
NOAA Ocean Acidification Program
Ocean Acidification: From Research to Action Paul Pennington, NOAA (P. Pennington)
Mar 27 Gavin Naylor
College of Charleston

The Chondrichthyan Tree of Life Project

Rusty Day, NIST (R. Day)
Apr 3 Nicholas Colvard
Northeastern University
The Nutrient Effect: Quantifying How Eutrophication Influences the Eco-physiology and Ecology of a Primary Producer Lou Burnett, CofC (S. Krueger-Hadfield)
Apr 10 Mark Martindale
Whitney Lab, University of Florida

Developmental Constraints and the Pattern of Animal Evolution

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George Grice, Jr. Lecture: Bob Podolsky, CofC (B. Podolsky)
Apr 17 Joe Stewart
Developing the Boron Isotope pH-Proxy Rusty Day, NIST (R. Day)
Apr 24 April Blakeslee
Long Island University - Post
Genetics and Parasites in Marine Invasions: Case Study of Carcinus maenas Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith)

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