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Fort Johnson Marine Science Seminar Series

Place: MRRI Auditorium at Fort Johnson

Time: 4 p.m. on Friday afternoons, unless otherwise posted
Refreshments: before each seminar and at a reception with the seminar speaker, which occurs at the MUSC White House or the SCDNR Outdoor Classroom after the seminar

Archives of Fort Johnson Seminars

Spring 2016 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Seminar Title Committee Contact (Host)
Jan 8 Christina Butler
College of Charleston/American College of Building Arts
The Evolving Waterfront: A History of Land Reclamation on the Charleston Peninsula Demetri Spyropoulos, MUSC (D. Spyropoulos)
Jan 15 Marc Frischer
University of Georgia, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Causes and Fishery Consequences of a Major Shrimp Black Gill Outbreak in the U.S. Southeast Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith/Amy Fowler)
Jan 29 Jennifer Nyland
University of South Carolina - School of Medicine
Arsenic Modulation of Diabetic Phenotype in Mice Demetri Spyropoulos, MUSC (D. Spyropoulos)
Feb 5 Frank Marí 
Using Deadly Beauties for Medicinal Purposes: Exploring the Neuropharmacology of the Venom of Cone Snails  Rusty Day, NIST (R. Day)
Feb 12 J. Antonio Baeza
Clemson University
Odd Sexuality, Sexual Selection & Speciation: Protandric Simultaneous Hermaphroditism and its Effect on Diversification in Peppermint & Cleaner Shrimps (Caridea: Lysmata) Paul Pennington, NOAA (P. Pennington)
Feb 19 Richard Lewis
University of Queensland
Ciguatera: Recent Advances but the Risk Remains Rusty Day, NIST (R. Day)
Feb 26 Kent Carpenter
Old Dominion University
Comparative Phylogeography of the Coral Triangle Landon Knapp, MES Student Rep (L. Knapp)
Mar 4 No Seminar CofC Spring Break
Mar 11 No Seminar CofC Spring Break
Mar 18 Steve Arnott
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Estuarine Fish Populations in South Carolina Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (P. Kingsley-Smith)
Mar 25 Karl Quiazon
Visiting Fulbright Scholar
Nematode Infections in Fishes and Humans Peter Kingsley-Smith, SCDNR (I. de Buron)
Apr 1 Gary Hardiman
A Systems Biology Approach to Genome-Environment Interactions Using Laboratory and Sentinel Fish Species Models Erik Svendsen, MUSC (E. Svendsen)
Apr 8  
Apr 15 Juli Harding
Coastal Carolina University
Oysters as Tools for Historic Ecology: Examples from Chesapeake Bay Erik Sotka, CofC (E. Sotka)
Apr 22 No Seminar CofC Classes End April 21

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