Fort Johnson Marine Science Seminar Series

Place: MRRI Auditorium at Fort Johnson

Time: 4 p.m. on Friday afternoons, unless otherwise posted
Refreshments: a reception with the seminar speaker, which occurs at the SCDNR Outdoor Classroom after the seminar

Archives of Fort Johnson Seminars

Fall 2019 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Seminar Title Committee Contact (Host)
Aug 23

No Seminar

Aug 30 Jeff Guyon
Mathematics in Marine Biology Paul Pennington (Paul Pennington)
Sept 6

Katherine Peter


Toxic highways: Evaluating contaminants in Puget Sound stormwater

Frank Marí (Frank Marí)
Sept 13 Erik Sotka
College of Charleston
Parallel evolution of tall- versus short-form ecotypes in Spartina alterniflora Erik Sotka (Craig Plante)
Sept 20

No Seminar

Sept 27 Thomas Rainwater
Clemson University
Ecology of the American Alligator in Coastal South Carolina Andy Shedlock (Andy Shedlock)
Oct 4 Melissa L. Griffin
South Carolina State Climatology Office
The Carolina Precipitation Patterns and Probabilities Atlas: A Climate Resource for South Carolina 

Erik Sotka (Sharleen Johnson)

Oct 11

Joshua Stone
University of South Carolina
Population Dynamics of Jellyfish and Their Role in Food Webs of Two Temperate Estuaries Erik Sotka (Bob Podolsky)
Oct 18 Kathy Peter
Toxic Highways: Evaluating Contaminants in Puget Sound Stormwater Frank Marí (Frank Marí)

Oct 26, Sat.

Sheila Patek
Duke University

Marine Research Student Colloquium
Nov 1 Laura Webster
NOAA/National Ocean Service

NCEI Asheville: The Basis for the Cases (Use of NCEI Data)

Paul Pennington (Paul Pennington)
Nov 8 Kerri A. Pratt
University of Michigan
Arctic Sea Spray Aerosol Composition Controlled by Sea Ice Lead Microbiology Erik Sotka (Jack DiTullio)
Nov 15 Heather Spalding
College of Charleston
Macroalgal Research in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: Hurricanes, Bleaching, and Invasive Algae, Oh My! Erik Sotka (Erik Sotka)
Nov 22 Peter D. R. Moeller
Water Safety & Security: Harnessing the Power of Nano Bubbles to Address Algae and Microbial Toxin Mitigation/Remediation  Erik Sotka (Jody Beers)

Nov 29

No Seminar Thanksgiving Break

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