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Boat Operation

There are two different types of motors on Grice boats. With the tiller motor, the operator must sit at back of the boat. The throttle is generally held in the operator’s left hand. If you move the tiller handle to your right, the boat will turn left. To turn the boat to the right, the tiller handle must be moved to the left. Only the Jon Boat has this type of motor. The other motor boats have a center steering console and drive very much like a car. It is important to note that there are no brakes on a boat like you would find on a car. Motion on the water is also influenced by tides, wind and waves and must be considered when planning your trip and operating the boat.

Things to check when launching the boat:

  • Plugs
  • Hauling safety latch
  • Trailer and winch straps

All of the motor boats start in a similar manner:

  • Turn on Battery Switch (if necessary)
  • Prime gas bulb
  • Place in Neutral Gear
  • Choke
  • Engage Ignition

Boat Hoist Operation

A presentation is available about how to operate the boat hoist safely. It can be viewed in PPT or PDF format.


Jonboat Motor diagramTo start the tiller-driven motor (Jon Boat), prime the gas bulb. Check that the gear lever is centered in neutral position. Pull out the choke knob to engage it. Engage the ignition by pulling on the pull start rope. This may require several attempts. Once started and warmed up, push in the choke lever and pull the gear lever toward the boat to move forward. The boat will move backward if the gear lever is positioned away from the boat. Twist the throttle to increase speed. Move it back to its original position to slow down. You must turn the tiller in the opposite the direction you want to travel. Push the kill button to turn off the motor.

Center Console diagram

Center Console

All the other motor boats have a center steering console and operate much like a car. To start this type of motor, turn on the battery switch and prime the fuel bulb until firm. Make sure combination throttle and gear lever is in the centered or neutral position. Check that the kill switch is attached properly. The lanyard is designed to attach to the operator. If operator is thrown overboard, the lanyard will pull out the kill switch and stop the motor. Push in the the key to choke the engine and turn it to the right to start the motor. You may need to push in the choke several times to get the engine to start, but be careful because this can flood the engine. Once the engine has warmed up, move the throttle forward to move forward. Pulling the throttle back past the neutral position will put the boat in reverse. Turn the steering wheel to the right to go to the right and left to move left. To turn off the engine, turn the key to the left or remove the kill switch.