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Boat use at Grice Marine lab requires a boat user fee. These fees are used to repair and replace boats and motors. There are no charges for training trips or kayak use.



The Grice Marine Lab has multiple styles for use by faculty, staff and graduate students of the lab. There is no fee for their usage. They all have seats and adjustable paddles. Most kayak trips are taken in the Grice Cove adjacent to the lab. 


the Chamberlain, a boat

The R⁄V Chamberlain is a 22-ft fiberglass C-hawk with a sports cab. The oil and gas must be mixed at a ratio of 50:1. The boat has trim tabs for adjusting how the boat rides in the water. The battery switch is located on the wall of the battery compartment, which houses two batteries. The boat has a GPS⁄depth finder and in-board VHF radio used for off-shore trips. The boat users’ fee for this boat is $100.

Lowe Jon Boat

the Seahunt, a boat

The Lowe jon boat has a 18-ft aluminum hull and a 50 HP motor. The boat hoistcan be used with this boat. This boat has a depth finder and a center console. It is designed for shallow water applications and should be used if you are planning on collecting oysters or beaching the boat for sampling. The boat user fee is $40.


the Whaler, a boat

The Whaler is a 18-ft fiberglass boat and it has a boat user fee of $60. It has a center console and the hull is foam-filled (no bilge). The 90 HP motor has a VRO (variable ratio oil) which electronically mixes the oil and gas. This boat has lots of deck space for conducting research. The boat has a bridle that can be used to lower it into the water from the DNR boat slip. This boat also has a depth finder.

Jon Boat

the Jon Boat

The Jon boat is a 16-ft aluminum boat. The 25 HP motor is tiller-operated. The gas is mixed with the oil at a ratio of 50:1. The Jon boat is perfect for navigating small tidal creeks. The boat user fee is $25. The boat has a small bridle, which can be used with the boat hoist to launch the boat.