Wet Lab


Wet Lab

The aquarium room is designated for holding living organisms for teaching and research by faculty, staff, and students of the College of Charleston.

Prior approval is required from the Marine Operations Manager (MOM) or Lab Manager (LM) to:

  • Set up new aquarium systems. Owner and operator of system should be noted on aquarium room door.
  • Change any aquarium system especially any electrical configurations.
  • Add or remove organisms.
  • Remove any equipment from the aquarium room.

Equipment in the aquarium room must be:

  • Checked out properly if it is removed from the room by completing the appropriate Equipment Checkout Sheet.*
  • Properly cleaned, dried, and returned to its appropriate storage place immediately following the completion of research.
  • Equipment must be labeled if it belongs to a specific research project.
  • Kept neat and orderly and cannot block the aisles.
  • Monitored for problems which should be reported immediately.**

All systems in the aquarium room:

  • Must be approved prior to setup.
  • Require IACUC approval for use of vertebrate animals in teaching or research.**
  • Must be labeled appropriately with “Do Not Disturb” signs. Operator notes should be added to aquarium room diagram.*
  • An IACUC approval number must be posted on the labels along with current contact information.
  • Must be maintained by the researcher on a regular basis including cleaning, feeding, salinity and water quality monitoring.

Operational Procedures

  • The aquarium room lights are operated on a timer.*
  • All regular electrical outlets in the aquarium room are on protected GFCI breakers.
  • Equipment critical life support should be plugged into emergency outlets.
  • Any electrical problems should be reported to the MOM or LM immediately.
  • Special activities related to opertional protocols should be noted on aquarium room door.
  • Failure to obtain prior approval, label, or maintain aquariums will result in immediate removal of the system.

Wet Lab


  • Wash sand or any kind of sediments down the drain in the main sink or the floor drains.
  • Disturb aquariums, tanks, and other equipment being used. Use of other people’s equipment could jeopardize their research project.
  • Tie into air or water systems or feed any animals without approval from the individual researcher.
  • Place dead organisms in the trash container in the aquarium room. Dead organisms must be removed immediately and disposed of properly.**

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in revocation of privileges.
* All forms can be found to the right of the door.
** See Marine Operations Manager or Lab Manager for details.