Duties of the Lab Director

The fundamental duty of the Director is to assure that the Laboratory fulfills its mission. In particular, one of the first duties will be to implement steps to realize the expansion of the Laboratory to include non-biological sciences. For example, the Director will be expected to determine specific areas of marine interests by non-biological scientists at the College of Charleston and to generate ideas for their involvement. Generally, the duties of the Director are delegated by the Dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics and the Chair of Biology, and circumstances might alter any given list. With that understanding, the principal duties of the Director of the Grice Marine Lab are listed below. The current Director is Dr. Robert Podolsky .

Job Functions

  • Implement measures to assure that the Grice Laboratory fulfills its mission.
  • Expand activities to include a broad representation of marine sciences.
  • Engage in proposal writing, fund raising, and space procurement to provide additional support for marine sciences.
  • Generate proposals to support the existing collections as well as existing programs at the Laboratory.
  • Initiate and support summer programs that are consistent with the mission statement.
  • Monitor the operating budget of the Laboratory.
  • Supervise the Laboratory Manager and the Administrative Specialist.
  • Consult with the Chair of Biology and the Dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics to determine procedures and guidelines for allocation of space.
  • Support student research and teaching activities that take place at the GML.
  • Supervise the maintenance and upkeep of the Laboratory including: boats, boat house, computer laboratory, aquarium room, and communications (network, telephone, home page).
  • Supervise storm and hurricane preparedness.
  • Assure the maintenance, upkeep, and development of the collections.
  • Assure personnel safety and safety training, including radiation safety.
  • Supervise housing arrangements for dormitory residents at GML.