Duties of the Marine Operations Manager

Marine Operations Manager, Grice Marine Laboratory - serves a laboratory of approximately 10 full-time faculty, 50 graduate students and 150 undergraduate students in marine science by maintaining small boat operations, shop and living animal collections in a safe and organized manner. This position will provide support for the additional faculty and students and expansion of GML facilities as required by the Marine Genomics Initiative. Assists Laboratory Manager with equipment and facility maintenance and safety program management. The current Marine Operations Manager is Pete Meier.

Job Functions

  1. Manages the GML small boat operations.
    • Trains and certifies users of GML boats.
    • Maintains boats and equipment in a state of readiness for use by students and faculty.
    • Performs minor maintenance and repairs on boats, motors and trailers.
    • Manages float plans and tracks boat users in the field.
    • Balances boat budget and update boat web page as needed.
    • Pilots boats of teaching and research cruises.
    • Assists with diver safety programs.
  2. Maintains the living animal collections and aquarium room.
    • Supervises the care and maintenance of display aquariums.
    • Maintains an ample supply of seawater at all times.
    • Monitors wet lab use to ensure procedural compliance.
    Facilitates facility repairs, maintenance and renovations.
    • Assists in preparing teaching laboratories for teaching (this is not laboratory prep)
    • Maintains common supply and equipment storage areas.
    • Completes routine facility inspections and monitors the physical state of rooms, taking appropriate action to keep the rooms in proper order.
  3. Assists Lab Manager with safety program management and equipment maintenance, repair, inventory and use.
    • Maintains capital equipment and supplies/equipment for teaching and research functions.
    • Conducts safety inspections, assists with safety training and helps maintain MSDS system.
  4. Maintains the workshop.
    • Students and faculty are trained in the safe operation of workshop equipment.
    • Workshop is maintained and fully operational.
  5. Maintains the budget and orders supplies and equipment associated with GML.
    • College and State procurement procedures are followed.
  6. Serves as an alternate institutional representative on various committees at the Hollings Marine Laboratory.