Computers and Network Access

The GML Computer Lab (room 108) contains 8 computers (some with two monitors) and a printer and is available for students, faculty, and staff of the College of Charleston.  Computer use is governed by the policies of the College of Charleston (please see the Student Handbook for details). Users may not modify, add to, or remove hardware or software from any computer without explicit permission from the Lab Manager.

Please address questions, comments or software requests to the Lab Manager.  

Computer Problems

Promptly report any problems with computer hardware, computer software, or network connections to the Lab Manager.

Printer Problems

Promptly report any printer issues to the Amin. Assistant in room 102.

Network Access

Network connections are provided in the computer laboratory and throughout the Grice Marine Laboratory. Use of computers and computer networks must conform to College of Charleston policies on the use of computers. You must have a CofC account to access the network. If you are not CofC faculty, staff or student, a temporary login account can be created for you. 

Tampering with the computer network in any way is strictly prohibited.

Wireless Access

You must have a CofC account to access the wireless network at Grice. One can be created for you if you are not a faculty member, staff, or student. Please see the Lab Manager for assistance with this process. To connect to the wireless network, you must connect your computer to a network jack, log in to the CofC network, navigate to, and run the applicable version of the setup software. 

Network Problems or Questions

Problems with network connections or wireless access should be reported as soon as possible to the Lab Manager.