Chemical Waste

There are strict federal regulations governing the disposal of hazardous chemicals. You can be personally fined by the EPA for failing to handle waste properly. There are requirements specific to the type of waste involved (Hazardous Waste Generated at Laboratories). Every attempt should be made to minimize waste so you should not order more than you will use. You should never order more than a 90 day supply of some chemicals like ether and perchloric acid.

You MUST consult the lab manager BEFORE generating chemical waste. Failure to notify the lab manager before the waste is generated may result in additional disposal costs for your lab. We are a point of service generator which means you must be able to store the waste you generate in your lab until the next chemical collection.

Chemical Waste Guidelines

  • NEVER pour chemicals down the drain.
  • Label all chemical waste with name, date and concentrations of chemical involved.
  • Sharps must be placed in sharps containers
  • Biohazards must be decontaminated prior to disposal.
  • Be aware of hazards associated with keeping old chemicals- lost labels, reactivity
  • Take proper precautions when using peroxide-forming chemicals
  • Notify lab manager before waste container is 90% full
  • Leave container 10% empty for expansion

Please submit your waste disposal form at the end of each semester. If you need to use extremely hazardous chemical ( 40CFR Part 355 Appendix A, EPA EPCRA , 40 CFR 302.4), or a Chemicals of Interest in your research, you must notify the lab manager before you order the chemical. You must also note these chemcials on your waste disposal form.

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