Workshop Procedures

Workshop Policy

This guide outlines procedures for the use of the workshop and the tools at the Grice Marine Laboratory. Strict adherence to these procedures and safeguards is intended to ensure the availability of the equipment and the safety of the workshop users. With everyone’s cooperation, the management of the facility can be accomplished with a minimum of time and effort.


The following rules and guidelines apply to all persons who wish to use the workshop at GML. Use of the shop and tools is restricted to those faculty, staff, and students who can demonstrate competence with the tools and are responsible enough to follow this user’s guide. Only College of Charleston employees are allowed to use powertools and must be trained in power tools safety. Anyone granted access to tools and work space is responsible for clean up, and signing out the equipment if used in alternate locations.

sawsFailure to adhere to these rules or demonstration of irresponsible behavior while using the workshop resources will result in revocation of shop privileges. Each user must receive training from the Lab Manager or Marine Operations Manager and sign an agreement form stating that he or she is capable of using the power tools. These forms are available from the Lab Manager and Marine Operations Manager. The workshop is meant to be used for tasks that relate to research or teaching programs of the College of Charleston or GML maintenance.

General Guidelines

  1. Safety is of prime importance. It is the user's duty to refrain from operating any tool if the condition of the tool or the shop is such that its use could result in a hazardous situation.
  2. Power tools are to be operated only by qualified persons that have been trained in power tool use.workshop
  3. Specific rules that pertain to each power tool are posted in the shop and are in the tool manual notebook.
  4. Hand tools are provided for use in the shop.
  5. Users will provide their own materials. Shop materials are not for general consumption.
  6. Any missing or broken tools should be reported immediately to the Laboratory Manager or Marine Operations Manager. Tools lost or broken due to misuse are to be replaced by that user.
  7. The shop storage area is to be kept clean. It is to be cleaned immediately after each use.  To guard against unauthorized use of, or tampering with any personal construction, equipment, or supplies, please label such items as yours. 
  8. If you have a large unfinished project, please check with the Lab Manager or Marine Operations Manager about storage. Specific instructions for cleaning the shop are as follows:
    1. All tools and supplies are to be cleaned and returned to their proper places.
    2. A shop broom and a shop brush are provided; all sawdust, filings and other such residue is to be swept from the floor, the motor compartments at the bases of the power saws, and anywhere else where it may have accumulated. The debris should be put in the trash can inside the workshop (which should be periodically emptied into the outside dumpster).