The Grice Marine Laboratory (GML) housing facility occupies half of our 1930’s era Annex building, which originally served as a quarantine hospital for the Port of Charleston.  The facility includes 5 double-occupancy bedrooms, a common kitchen/lounge, a laundry room, common use bathrooms and an outside porch.  The housing unit is a secured facility with permanently locked doors and outdoor security cameras.  Housing is provided on a semester basis to graduate students in the Marine Biology program, for the summer to our undergraduate REU program, and on a short-term basis to faculty and student visitors collaborating with CofC scientists.  Short-term visitors are advised to contact the GML front office well in advance to check on room availability.  GML housing is fully administered by GML staff, and all contracts must be approved by the Lab Director.  Fees are due immediately upon use of the facility. 

 Guests in GML housing are required to treat the facility with care and to respect each other’s privacy.  Guests may not enter each other’s rooms unless invited and must maintain common spaces in a clean and orderly fashion.  Visitors to the facility who are not registered with the GML main office are not permitted.  Please bring any issues, interpersonal or maintenance, to the attention of GML office staff.

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