Accident, Injuries or Medical Emergencies

Any accident, injury, near miss or potentially dangerous situation must be reported to the lab manager and documented. This documentation is not to place blame, but to ensure proper care is given and to protect students and employees from future accidents. All reports are confidental. All accidents must be reported within 24 hours, and serious ones (death, multiple people injured, damage over $1 Million) must be reported within 8 hours. If the injury occurred while working for a federal lab (NIST, NOAA) or in a federal building (HML, CCEHBR), it must also be reported to NOAA safety personnel. The lab manager can assist you with this process.

Injuries sustained by faculty, staff and employed students while performing official job duties are covered by the College's Worker Compensation Program.

All registered students at the College of Charleston, including undergraduates and graduate, are eligible to use Student Heath Services for treatment of non-work related injuries or illnesses. They are located at 181 Calhoun Street behind the old Robert Scott Smalls Library and provide a wide variety of services.

If a serious medical emergency occurs, you should dial 9 (for an outside line) and then 911. Notify Public Safety 843.953.5611 and the Lab Manager as soon as reasonably possible. You should administer first aid (if you are qualified) until the first responders arrive. If possible, have the patient transported to Roper Emergency Room. The following injuries should receive immediate medical attention.

  • Allergic reaction with shortness of breath, dizziness
  • Lacerations exceeding 2-3 inches in length
  • Amputation
  • Multiple injuries
  • Chest pain
  • Penetrating wound of eye
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Seizure
  • Falls greater than 4 feet
  • Head or neck injury
  • Loss of or change in level of consciousness
  • Severe bleeding or burns
  • Obvious fracturewith deformity 
  • Penetration wound of chest or abdomen

If urgent care is needed for an injured worker during normal business hours, notify the Lab Manager or Human Resources. Urgent care is provided by Coastal Occupational Medicine. Transportation can be provided. After normal business hours or on the weekends, contact the lab manager or public safety for assistance. The following injuries are examples of those requiring urgent care.

  • Minor lacerations needing sutures
  • Chemical contact (after flushing)
  • Minor eye injuries (after flushing)
  • Back, shoulder, neck, hand pain
  • Skin rashes, burns, irritation, redness, abrasions
  • Arm or leg injury without deformity

If NOT an emergency or urgent care is NOT needed, report the injury to the lab manager as soon as possible.

Important Emergency Numbers:

  • Public Safety: 843.953.5611
  • Health Services: 843.953.5520
  • Human Resources: 843.953.5512
  • Poison Control: 800.922.1117
  • Physical Plant: 843.953.5550

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